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UniGlobal Inc is a Taiwan-based company specializing in high volume, low mix printed circuit products. Founded in 1990 by James Lee, a Taiwanese expert in the field of PCB electronics, the company was originally branded The Orient Express. It quickly expanded to North America through partnerships in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul metropolitan area with Advanced Circuits (currently ACI) and The Bureau of Engraving, and over the last 25 years, UniGlobal Inc has grown substantially from a one-room operation to boast sales nearing $100 million USD.

At its humble beginning, the mission of UniGlobal Inc was to minimize the cost of high volume low mix PCBs, increasing the competitiveness of US manufacturers in the global marketplace. Its strategy was to provide high quality service by embodying the core business ethics of commitment, honesty and integrity.

To date, UniGlobal Inc has overcome technological, communication, and cultural barriers to form a close partnership between the US and Asia which has resulted in strong management and manufacturing practices that meet the challenges of today's demanding technological advances.

Ongoing research and development in engineering has created new capabilities which are integrated into design and manufacturing processes at our facilities in Taiwan. Technological innovation allows us to continually be improving our product and passing the financial and time savings on to you, the customer. We strive to always be on the forefront of the ever-changing technologies of the e-world.

UniGlobal Inc has managed branches in Taiwan and Minnesota since its founding in addition to offices in Singapore, Malaysia and China. Currently, offices are located in Taiwan, Minnesota, and Shanghai and Shenzhen, China.

Additionally, global partnerships and alliances allow UniGlobal Inc to offer the best value for the products we produce. These established relationships help us to expand our competency and capability for best practices in PCB production and customer service.

UniGlobal’s "Single Vision" across continents has created competency and consistency in business practices, and integrated global process systems and communications capabilities have created cohesiveness of practices between our global offices.

Welcome to UniGlobal Inc.